Samsung’s Smartphones Secretly Stealing Your Data – Crazy Invasion Of Privacy


We have all seen crime movies that government tracking and listening to your conversations through your cellular device. The first thing the criminal does is throw the battery and flee the scene of the crime. Ever wonder why they throw the battery and not the whole phone? New conspiracy theories surface everyday and they may not all be truth but they are definitely worth taking a look at.

Samsung is stealing your personal data saved on your smartphone;  through a secret microchip planted inside your Samsung Galaxy device steals all your private data (including photos and videos) and upload it to their servers without letting the users know.

If you remove the Sticker/plastic from battery, you will find a microchip which Samsung has cleverly placed to steal users confidential data.

At first you may be skeptical but once the strip, which is connected to your battery, is removed; the phone still works by simply plugging the battery back in and powering it on! You might think this is a crazy waste of time but it’s definitely worth a peak.


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