Man’s Balls Explodes After Taking Black Ant Pills

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NEW YORK – A man was hospitalized after his “Balls” exploded during s*x with his girlfriend because he used a popular urban supplement, Black Ant, which lead to his almost fatal incident.

Ben Cunning, 24, almost died after taking a supplement called Black Ant, which is marketed in many urban areas, claiming to enhance s*xual performance. Reportedly, Cunningham had taken two of the Black Ant pills before getting in bed with his girlfriend, Julia Williams.

The couple had stopped at a Bodega near Bushwick Ave to pick up some beverages and a pack of Black Ant pills. Both arrived at Cunning’s apartment. Cunning took two Black Ant pills around midnight. After waiting about 30 minutes to allow the pills to take effect, Cunning and Chavez began their night.

After recovering in hospital cunning said :

I always takes those pills. It’s not something crazy. I’ve taken them before. A lot of dudes in our hood take Black Ant. It’s like a cheap version of Vi*gra without needing a prescription. I never had a problem with it before.

According to reports, Chavez had called 911 after she heard a loud popping noise, and then Cunning crying and screaming.

He was giving it to me good as he always do. After about 15 minutes of me riding him, he complained about pain in near his d**k. I thought I was riding him too much so I asked him if he wanted to switch positions. He told me no and to keep going. The next thing I know, I felt a pop and then all of this liquid. I got off him and he started screaming. When I looked down at him, I saw a lot of blood and his balls were leaking. That’s when I called 911.

The paramedics rushed Cunning to The Brooklyn Hospital Center for treatment.

The Black Ant pills taken by Cunning caused an over flow of blood to rush to his man parts, causing them to burst. Cunning has lost the ability to have children and it may also adversely affect his s*x life. – Medical officials said.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use “Black Ant”. Claims made for the product falsely state that it is a “natural s*xual enhancer” and that it has “no known side effects.”

Cunning is expected to survive however he will need extensive surgery to repair the damage caused by pills.

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