Netflix Cancels ‘Orange is the New Black’

orange is new black

This tough decision was made after 78 of netflix 2,000 employees failed to come in to work after a Orange is the new black watch party.

22 of those 78 called in saying with various excuses, with one Netflix employing saying….

orange is black

“I had learned a lot since arriving in prison five months ago: how to clean house using maxipads, how to wire a light fixture, when to curse someone in Spanish, knowing the difference between “feelin’ it” and “feelin’ some kinda way” the fastest way to calculate someone’s good time, how to spot a commissary ho a mile away, and how to tell which guards were players and which guards were noth-in’ nice. I even mastered a recipe from the prison’s culinary canon: cheesecake.

Time is very important and something we can’t get back once its gone, we feel that people are missing spending time with their families because if the show” – M.Scott

All this was said by our own president of marketing which is a man, it was at this point we realized that this show was more than just a show, it had become a drug, once we realized that our employees stared to sale their passwords for hundreds of dollars and started telling their supervisors…

“I’m not coming in today because woke up in such a good mood this morning after watching the new season last night that I didn’t want any of you or any other bum ruining that for me today” -R. Bates


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