Mom Sues Netflix After “Netflix N Chill” Got Her Daughter Pregnant


Vetrocia Brown, the mother of 16 year old Andrea Brown, has filed a lawsuit against Netflix after claiming a “Netflix N Chill” session got her daughter pregnant.

16 year old Andrea Brown is now pregnant after falling victim to a Netflix N Chill date. Her Mother is suing Netflix for $50,000, claiming that teenagers like her daughter are extremely prone to s*xual intercourse when watching Netflix, and because of that, Netflix is to blame for the pregnancy.

Daughter Andrea said :

It happened like you thought it did…First, we were just watching a movie on Netflix and then all of a sudden there was a p*nis in my mouth. Then from there we had s*x and he didn’t pull out. It’s like Netflix intentionally makes their movies boring so that one can fall into this trap. That’s why my mom is suing.

Netflix has not yet responded to the lawsuit, but are expected to within the next few days. Experts are also advising people to cancel their Netflix subscriptions and to subscribe to Hulu instead. “73% of ‘Netflix N Chill’ dates lead to s*xual intercourse, while only 12% of ‘Hulu N Chill’ dates lead to s*xual intercourse”, says Psychiatrist Ana Jennings, “Something has to be done”.

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