Kiss From Her High School Lover Wakes Up Women From Coma

Mr. Morris and Ms. Franklin

TEXAS – A 69-year woman who was in coma for last 48 years, miraculously wakes up after receiving a kiss from her former boyfriend.

She was in a coma after suffering from a severe traumatic brain injury during a violent car accident, in January 1967. She was not carrying IDs, so the medical staff was unable to identify her for decades.

Dr. Emery who has been following her case for years and his team decided, after finally learning Ms. Franklin’s identity in March, to experiment with various techniques of “Process Oriented Coma Work”, they asked her high school boyfriend, 70-year old widow, Ronald Morris, to come and visit her at the hospital.

Mr. Morris and Ms. Franklin were in love as teenagers, but never had the chance to get married as the poor man was drafted to serve in the Vietnam war and departed in November. Ronald Morris served in Vietnam until September 1969, when he was severely injured by fragments of a mortar shell He spent the next two years of his life in a military rehabilitation center, where he recovered from his injuries.

During this time, however, a terrible event occurred that would separate the lovers for more than 40 years. Two months after her lover left for Vietnam, Ms. Franklin had a terrible car accident which almost killed her and left her in a deep coma.

For 43 years he have been looking for her, his efforts finally paid off, in March, as the doctors from the St-Joseph Medical Center were able to identify Ms. Franklin. He was overjoyed when they called him to say that Ms. Franklin was still alive, and asked him to visit his long-lost lover.

I could not believe it was true, I had waited 40 years for that moment, and suddenly, all my prayers had been answered. My Dolores was still alive! I jumped on the first plane to Texas and rushed to the hospital. She was lying there, motionless, as beautiful as she was the last time I had seen her. I could not restrain myself, so I kissed her… and she woke up! It was just incredible. Says Mr. Morris.

Ms. Franklin have regained all of her memories, but will still have to remain in the hospital for at least a months. This doesn’t seem to discourage the lovers, however, who seem extremely happy to be reunited and are looking forward to spending as much time together as possible.

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