Vacuum Cleaner Accident – Woman Looses Breast Implant

vaccum and women

NEW YORK CITY, NY – A woman was recovering from a breast augmentation when a tragedy occurred, and she lost one of her breast implant.

Police and medical personnel were dispatched to the home of a hysterical husband.

We thought there was some sort of domestic dispute. The 911 operator thought the man might be on narcotics because he kept screaming ‘my wife’s ti*ties got caught in the vacuum.

Ms. Thompson, who lost her right implant said:

My idiot husband wanted to do some house cleaning for me. I finally said okay and he gets the vacuum out. He had the dust wand attachment and was vacuuming the sideboard of the bed. Then the a**hole bends over to click the front switch and the wand went towards my bosoms. Next thing I know my nightgown disappears, then the bandage on my right breast was gone – suddenly a high pitched squeal sound and vooomp! My right breast just collapsed! It all happened so quickly! Neither one of us could believe it!”

The woman considered suing the vacuum cleaner manufacturer, but could not afford an attorney.

She and her husband, while grateful no one died, are despondent over the lopsided appearance of her bust line.

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