Postal Worker Fathered 56 Children in Small Town


TEXAS – A Postman James Huddler, 34, is currently fired from his job for “unethical practices”.

He has been accused of having s*xual relations during his work hours for the past 6 years and is believed to have fathered fifty six illegitimate children in a small town where estimated residents are 900.

For over two weeks, his father-in-law followed James Huddler everyday and was astonished when he realized what was happening.

I followed Jimmy for only two days during his routine before I realized what was going on. I am just shocked and speechless. We’re talking about over fifty illegitimate children here, in such a small town. Its a very small town here, i could not believe that my son-in-law has been sleeping around with so many women.

Retired police officer, John Bells, believed his son-in-law was cheating on his daughter and discovered the man’s double life

He has openly admitted to his father-in-law to having 56 illegitimate children “or maybe more”. He is believed to have one marriage in eight in a 100 km radius, devastating numbers according to local family therapist, Jane Culder.

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