How Fetty Wap Lost His Eye

Fetty Wap

NEW JERSEY – American rapper Fetty Wap, is now rising as a rapper under the label ‘300 Entertainment’. For those of you who have seen photos of Fetty Wap, or the music video to ‘Trap Queen’, you may have noticed that he is missing one eye and does not bother to wear an eye patch at all.

But why does Fetty Wap have a missing eye? How did he lose his eye?
Reports are saying that Fetty Wap lost his eye in the process of joining the Illuminati. Fetty Wap sacrificed his eye to join the illuminati for fame and fortune, which he is now heading to. Fetty Wap gauged out his eye “in the name of satan”.
According to close friends of Fetty Wap, as soon as Fetty Wap joined the illuminati, they began playing his song all over the radio and exposing him more on the Internet.
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