McDonald’s Exposed For Using Left Over “French Fry” Grease in its “Coffee”

In 1992 Stella Lieback sued McDonald’s when she spilled a cup of coffee on her lap; jury awarded her $3 million in punitive damages for the burns she suffered.

In 2012, a Los Angeles woman, Paulette Carr, filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s saying she was burned by hot coffee that spilled on her at one of the fast food chain’s restaurants.

FDA has been looking into the reason for McDonald’s “extremely hot coffee”Typically, coffee is not supposed to be that hot.

FDA team was shocked when an employee told them the process of McDonald’s Coffee and why the coffee is extremely hot than it typically should be…

When questioned by the FDA inspectors, employee disclosed : We are instructed to transfer 1 cup of french fry grease to the McDonald’s brew in order to “speed up” the coffee heating process.

We are constantly serving hot coffee to customers. Time is of the essence, so the McDonald’s found a way to heat up the coffee instantly – adding french fry grease to the coffees water during brewing time. That accounts for all the burns. They make every employee sign a nondisclosure agreement, but I was not about to lie to authorities!”

The FDA are scheduling inspections across the country, to look into these allegations. Unfortunately, this process is not illegal! French fry grease is consumed in french fries, so there’s no reason why they cannot add it to the coffee if they choose to do so.

According to the FDA the best they will be able to do is force McDonald’s to disclose this disgusting fact by posting signs that say:


“Our coffee contains french fry grease to speed up the heating process. Our grease may be derived from pork lard. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.”

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