Girl Dumped For Being Fat Sends Her Ex A ‘Soap Made From Her Body Fat’ As Revenge

People gets dumped by partners for various reasons, some makes sense and some are just stupid. Sad to say, these days most people get dumped after the partners finds someone better looking/physical appearance.

Apparently, some people only stick to you because of your physical appearance, and when your looks doesn’t suit their taste anymore, they’ll just leave you behind.

soap of own fat

A woman from China was dumped by her ex-boyfriend for being fat. But instead of sulking for the break-up, she underwent liposuction and sent her Ex ‘A soap made from her own fat!’

human fat soap

Xiao Xiao posted a message on her profile, “Yang Xiaolei, do you still remember last Spring Festival? Since [I] can’t accompany you to go home this year, I used my own fat to make a soap and give it to your mother for bathing. Spring Festival is the time to give a gift to those low-class men who judge women by appearance.”

xiaoxiao message

Xiaolei: Why are you making me look bad on the Internet?! It was already over between us, you didn’t need to go to the hospital to s*ck out fat and disgust me! Damn, do I judge people solely by their appearances? You didn’t need to disgust my mum, or what? [email protected]#k you bitch!

Xiao Xiao: You said I was fat. I’m sending your entire family some soap, believe it or not!

xiaoxiao before surgery
This is Xiao before and after.

Meanwhile, Xiao Xiao’s fat soap revenge has received different reactions from Weibo users, with one saying, “I believe you will find a better person so tell that man to go to hell.”

On the other hand, some disagreed stating, “Your ex-boyfriend was right, beauty and ugliness comes not just from being fat and thin but from the heart.”

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