German Man wakes out of Coma after 75 years to Learn Hitler Lost WWI

Stuttgart | A 91-year-old German man who has been in a comatic state for most of his adult life has recently reawakened to learn that Germany had lost WW2.

The medical staff of the Stuttgart Marienhospital feared the man would relapse into a coma if told the truth about the defeat of Germany during the Second World War but were unable to conceal the truth from him after a few days.

The man was very insistent and constantly questioned medical staff and other patients for days until another patient finally told him the truth to his dismay.

“When I learned the terrible news, I just couldn’t believe it. Sometimes I wish I had never woken up from this coma,” he told reporters in tears.

“I don’t know what’s worst, to have spent my whole life in a hospital bed or the fact that our Fuhrer failed in his attempt to unite humanity under the Third Reich” he explained, visibly emotional.

“What has happened to the Homeland? People tell me there are Jews and Africans everywhere in our country! How can the German people tolerate this? This is unacceptable!” he said, visibly angered by the situation.

Psychiatrist Hermann Froeschlinger at Stuttgart Marienhospital says that his patient’s opinions might seem extremely shocking to most, but that they have to be understood within the cultural context of the time.

Helmut Fischer survived a nearly lethal blow to the head in 1942 when he was only 16 years of age.

The young man apparently fell from his bicycle at the time, after which he remained in a semi-vegetative state and under the care of his mother until her death in 1987, when he was then transferred to several different hospitals during the subsequent years.

“My deepest regret was not to have been able to join the Third Reich in its fight against the weak Democratic regimes of the West and their Jewish-infected culture,” he told reporters.

“Everyone seems to be concerned with the Arabs nowadays, it is all I see in the news. But what about the Jews? You can’t trust those people, they are always plotting to take over the world!” he added, visibly worried

“The only thing that gives me solace is that I’ve been told that Hitler’s dream of unifying Europe under one authoritarian rule has been achieved, may the Fuhrer rest in peace,” he concluded.

Helmut Fischer had joined the Hitler Youth when he was 14 years of age and had also previously been a part of the German Youngsters in the Hitler Youth, a separate section for boys aged 9 to 14 of the Hitler Youth organization, of which he still has very fond and vivid memories.

Mr. Fischer’s incredible story will be featured in an upcoming German TV documentary set to be released next summer.

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