Gay Movie About Founding Fathers Stirs Outrage In U.S


HOLLYWOOD – An adult entertainment company is in the middle of a major controversy, after releasing a gay adult movie about the “Secret S*x Life” of the American founding fathers.

“Secrets of the Founding Fathers”, depicts many important characters of American history, including George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, in very explicit homoerotic scenes.

According to reports its the most-selling gay movie in the country after its release yesterday; But it has also generated a lot of outrage and criticism, and the company is under pressure from various religious and political groups. Over 8,000 people gathered this morning, in front of the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles, to demand for the movie to be taken off the market.


The United Methodist Church and the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, have denounced the work as an extremely “distasteful perversion” of American history.

“It’s the most disgusting and distasteful movie ever made!” says Mr. Keith Monroe, director of the The United Methodist Church. “It’s anti-patriotic and anti-christian, all at ounce! It’s an insult to America and to all its values. The producers and actors should all be arrested and imprisoned, that’s all they deserve!”

Many people have called for a boycott of the movie, but the controversy surrounding it seems so have boosted the sales, as it remains the most sold gay-movie in America.

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