Bruce Jenner Caught Holding Hands With Ray-J Outside Small Motel


LOS ANGELES – Bruce was spotted outside of a motel with Ray-J holding hands. Ray J, being arguably the reason why Kim Kardashian is famous.

Bruce Jenner has been undergoing surgery to change his appearance into that of a woman, after divorcing Kris Jenner, the mother of his two daughters Kendal and Kylie. While simultaneously coming out of the closet, it seems as though Bruce Jenner is also attracted to black celebrities, just as most of his daughters and step-daughters, as he was spotted with Ray-J outside of a small, low-profile motel in the outskirts of Los Angeles.

According to reporters, Bruce and Ray-J quickly went separate ways as soon as photographers showed up, but it was too late.

According to witnesses, Ray-J and Bruce quickly darted away in the darkness, in their own separate ways. The witnesses tried to keep up but could not find them.

Is Bruce Jenner and Ray-J seeing each other? “I’m shocked” says witness Kyle Simmons, “How could one whole family be attracted to the same people? black athletes or black singer. How could Ray-J be gay now and worse, seeing this Bruce Jenner guy. Tell you what, Ray-J needs to stop playing and use that one wish to wish we never saw him, cause this sh*t crazy”, finished Simmons. Kris Jenner and neither of his daughters and step-daughters have yet responded to the allegations, but we expect some soon.

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