Bride Runs Over Priest with Car after He Slept with Groom on Wedding Day

A 27-year old woman from Michigan is accused of intentionally running over a Catholic priest with her car after the cleric allegedly had sex with her boyfriend, only hours before the wedding ceremony.

Yesterday was supposed to be the greatest day of Amanda Orwell’s life, but things didn’t exactly go as planned. The young woman from the small town of Laurium, near the Canadian border, was supposed to get married to the man who had shared her life for the last 12 years, William Martins.

Less than two hours before the ceremony, Ms. Orwell decided to stop by the presbytery to talk about some last minute changes with Father David O’Connell, the priest who was supposed to perform the ceremony.

As she was about to enter the building, she noticed some movement through one of the windows and saw her boyfriend engaging in anal sex with the Catholic cleric.

According to an eyewitness, 32-year old Darrell Meyers, the young woman went completely berserk and ran back to her car while screaming frenetically.

“I saw her running towards her car in her gown and she was screaming, swearing and pulling her hair. She kept repeating “God punishes sodomites” or something like that.”

The noise alerted her Father O’Connell and his guest, who rapidly exited the presbytery to see what was going on.

Ms. Orwell immediately turned her vehicle around and drove towards the cleric at great speed, hitting him at a speed of at least 50 miles per hour.

She then rode back and forth over him at least three times before the officers of the Michigan State Police arrived and forced her to immobilize her car.

Amanda Orwell was immediately arrested and paramedics were called to the site to help the severely injured priest.

Father O’Connell was transported to the Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital where doctors were miraculously able to save him.

The poor man suffers from a total of 3 broken bones, 11 bone fractures, a perforated lung and a severe brain concussion, but doctors no longer fear for his life.

Michigan State Police Lt. Mario Gonzales was the first to arrive on the site. He says he has never seen anything like this in his career.

Amanda Orwell was charged with five charges of aggravated assault with a vehicle, as well as endangering the welfare of an injured person, reckless driving, and careless driving.

If found guilty on all charges, she could be condemned to a maximum of 85 years in prison.

She is expected to appear in court in November for the beginning of her trial.

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