Veterinarian accused of having Sex with more than 300 Dogs

A renowned veterinarian from Trenton in Missouri was arrested this morning after being filmed by a security camera while having sex with several dogs.

According to the Trenton Police Department, an investigation was launched on Dr. James Thompson in January, after several dog owners filed complaints about their dogs suffering from anal bleeding after visiting his clinic.

During the investigation, the police convinced the owners of the West Trenton Animal Hospital, where Dr. Thompson practiced, to install several new security cameras around the building.

The police and the owners were completely shocked when they saw the video footage a few weeks later.

Over a period of two weeks, Dr. Thompson was filmed sexually aggressing 19 different dogs, mostly smaller breeds like miniature poodles, bichons, and chihuahuas.

TPD spokesman Lt. Frank Simmons says the aggressions were rather violent and must have been traumatizing for the animals.

“He would put a cone-shaped collar around the animal’s neck so he wouldn’t get bit, then he’d grab it and have sex with it in various positions.”

According to Lt. Simmons, the veterinarian could have made a great number of victims.

“After interrogating the staff and customers, we collected evidence concerning at least 300 victims, but there could be thousands over his 17 years of practice.”

A total of 352 criminal charges have been filed against him, and the TPD says this number will probably double over the next few days.

Trenton Police Chief, Captain Tommy Wright, says the investigation was far from complete but the investigators decided to arrest Dr. Thompson before he assaulted other animals. According to him, the number of victims could be over 5000.

Dr. Thompson’s was released on bail a few hours after his arrest and immediately met reporters to claim his innocence.

He says he’s never sexually abused any animal, and that all animals with whom he’s had sex consented to the intercourse.

He is expected to appear in court in November for the beginning of his trial.

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