12 Year Old Boy in Prison For Hacking Facebook

NEW YORK – 12 year old boy named Steve hacked Facebook this morning for 7 minutes causing a loss of 36 Million Dollars. The attack was done by the  single person from his home computer and was traced later. He will serve six months in a state detention facility.

“Breaking into someone else’s property, whether it’s a robbery or a computer intrusion, is a serious crime,” said Attorney General. The prosecution “shows that we take computer intrusion seriously and are working with our law enforcement agencies to aggressively fight this problem.”

He had not just participated in D-DoS attacks, but also stole information belonging to users and administrators. The court estimates he did 36 Million worth of damage by attacking Facebook.

His lawyer said that he did just to test his skills. He is only 12 years old and he did not hack to cause loss. According to police, the boy also taught others how to hack. The 12 year old was among the several hackers arrested over the Anonymous protest.

While others have been arrested in connection with the DDoS attacks that resulted, the court was told that the information obtained from the kid had opened the door for them to attack further maybe again on Hacking Facebook

If your kids are interested in computers and want to know more about criminal hackers, they can learn a lot by joining the computer club at school, participating in discussion groups online, and reading.

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