Woman Attempts To Perform Sex Change Operation On Her 4 Year Old Son

operation on four year old son

ATLANTA – A stand-off at Burger King nearly ends in tragedy after a mother tries to castrate her son in an attempt to make him a woman.

The 24 year-old woman, Nancy Miller, was arrested on Thursday and booked on charges of child abuse, child endangerment and assault. According to police reports, Miller was seen scolding her son in the Burger King play area telling him “I told you not to wear that shirt! Pink, you were supposed to wear pink!”

Nichole Stewart, a patron at the restaurant, said she saw Miller dragging her son into the restroom and immediately informed the manager as Miller swatted her four-year-old son and told him, “If you don’t stop acting like a boy, I’m going to take you into the bathroom and whoop your *ss.”

“She dragged him in there by his hair. ” Said Stewart. “Then, all we heard was screaming. ‘No mommy no!’ That’s all we could hear. ”

The manager, Mr. Thomas,  got the key to the restroom and tackled Stewart to the ground and removed a 3 inch pocket knife from her hand.

“This is something I will never be able to get out of my head,” Stewart said as she hugged her daughter who was with her that day. “I could never imagine harming my child. I hope they lock up that nasty b*tch for the rest of her life!”

The four-year-old boy suffered lacerations to his genital area which required 12 stitches, as well as bruising to the arms and face. He is being treated at the local hospital in stable condition. Authorities say he is being released to his father. As for the mother, she has remained silent since the incident and has refused to give a statement to police.

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