Videos of El Chapo’s Capture Released By Authorities and It’s Intense

It surprise that every marine made it out after going up against the most notorious drug lord. Thanks Sean Penn.

January 8th, nearly six months after his escape from Mexico’s most secure prison, Sinaloa Cartel boss Joaquín Guzmán Loera, a.k.a. El Chapo, was re-captured by authorities.

THE GRAPHIC videos shoes a lot of gunfire and a lot of dead bodies.

Just months earlier, Sean Penn had traveled in secret through the Mexican jungle to meet with Chapo, then America’s most wanted international fugitive.Upon meeting Penn, the drug kingpin consented to an interview at a later time.

Sean Penn, sent questions; Chapo videotaped his responses in his first-ever interview.

The video that Chapo sent back – two minutes of which you can view above – represents what we believe to be the notorious drug lord’s first-ever interview outside an interrogation.

After meeting with Sean Penn El Chapo was spotted entering a heavy guarded house in Los Mochis by a neighbor. The raid took place around 4 am on Friday, Mexican marines stormed the building killing five of the notorious drug cartel lord’s lieutenants and arresting six more, before El Chapo and El Cholo were captured.


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