Stop Drinking Mountain Dew – It Shrinks “BOYS”


University of Rochester have released their findings on the effects of Mountain Dew and yellow dye #5 on shrinkage of “the boys”, after many men have complained about the effects associated with drinking this beverage.

Mountain Dew has two main ingredients of concern are caffeine and yellow dye #5, which is also known as Tartrazine. The FDA and the Center for Science in the Public Interest strongly recommends that we should only intake 5 mg per kilogram daily of the yellow dye #5, for young men it is recommended at 3.5 mg per kilogram daily of the yellow dye #5. Anything above that has a negative reaction on spe*m count and causes gonadal atrophy (shrinking of the”BOYS”).

Tartrazine has been used in many foods, drugs, ice creams and other products since 1916. It is currently found in Kraft macaroni and cheese, Doritos, Jello, Kool Aid, shampoos and hand stamps!

The negative health outcomes that this chemical has created throughout this century are staggering. It has been proven to contribute to hyperactivity, rashes and hives, depression, cancer, asthma and low spe*m count.

Tartrazine has adverse effects on the reproductive organs. If you are drinking Mountain Dew on a regular basis, you should reconsider. If you are allowing your children to drink this, especially your young boys, you are setting them up for a life of health complications and smaller than usual “family jewels”


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