Old Woman Electrocuted By Faulty “Personal Massager” After Falling Asleep With The Device Inside Her


CALIFORNIA – A 79-year-old woman, Harlen Green, was found unresponsive in her Beverly Hills home after an unfortunate incident with a “personal massager.”

The woman was taken to a nearby hospital where she was revived and treated for her injuries. According to medical report, Green was unresponsive for nearly 5 minutes.

According to reports, Green’s daughter called 911 after she was unable to get a hold of her mother. Police were able to access the house where they found the elderly woman half dressed, with the device still inside her. Green had electrocution marks that ran up her stomach and down her arms. EMTs removed the bloody device and turned it over to investigators.

After recovering, Green told investigators that she likes to “give herself a little massage now and then” to ease her loneliness. “I haven’t had a man friend in my life for a really long time,” Green told police. “So I started to collect personal massagers. I have a Smoothie V, Pocket Rocket, 2 in One, at least 10 different ones so I don’t get bored. But the Hulk, it really rocked my world, and I guess I fell asleep. It gave me a real zap in the gap!”

Family members say they were shocked and appalled, as Harlen Green is known for her cookie baking for the neighborhood kids. Green’s son said he has confiscated all of her “massagers” and will keep a better eye on his mother.


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