Modern Civilization Under Threat From Plastic-Eating Fungi Discovered in Amazon Forest


Biologists from the University of Michigan have discovered a new species of fungi in the Amazon forest that can fully digest plastic and turn it into organic material.

The fungi has been named Plastrous Fungus, or the fungus that feeds off on plastic, was found in the Amazon forest 400 km from the border of Peru and Bolivia. Biologists discovered this fungi after parts of their radio equipment were destroyed by the fungus, which was also feeding upon the their tents and synthetic clothing.

Team members had to be evacuated by helicopter and all their equipment was destroyed to ensure the fungi would not spread to nearby cities

According to the government officials; if this fungi spreads in nearby cities it can attack major civilian infrastructures.

It is believed that natives of the region were already aware about this fungi and as they reported about the strange behavior of a strange mushroom before. Apparently this fungi “The Plastrous Fungus,” looks just like a mushroom but this is the first time biologists have proof of it. According to officials the zone will be quarantined until further notice.

The discovery of a plastic-digesting living organism is a serious threat to “human civilization”, according to Professor of the University of Mexico

90% of what we use in everyday life is made of plastic. This fungi would cost the world billions of dollars in destruction if it spread to nearby cities. It would cause massive damage to infrastructures. Its a huge threat to human and modern civilization” – warns the scientist.

Scientists are already calling The Plastrous Fungus, the “Doomsday Mushroom”. But they also believe that it could be used in more constructive ways, such as eliminating domestic waste worldwide, removing plastic from unwanted location etc but experts warn the fungi would need to be “in a highly controlled environment” and scientists would need to find a “powerful fungicide” to use it without risks of it propagating and becoming “out of control”.

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