Miss Colombia Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

The interim sheriff says the her status appears to be stable after she was taken to the hospital.

Miss Colombia Hospitalized

LAS VEGAS – Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Miss Colombia as the winner for the 2015 Miss Universe instead of Miss Philippines, but later crowned Miss Philippines, while apologizing for his mistake.

According to latest developing reports, Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, has been extremely depressed since the incident, and she has tried to commit suicide. Authorities believe Gutierrez was drunk and tried to commit suicide, inside her changing room. Authorities also found multiple sleeping pill bottles laying around the room.

“Her status is now stable,” Dr. Valerie Berry said.  “We were checking for brain activity. She had a pulse when they left, and lifesaving measures were administered immediately by staff and EMS responders.”

Holding back tears, Sheriff Nanos gave a statement:

“This is tough. It is a couple days before what’s supposed to be the best day in the world for Miss Colombia, Colombian community and family is gonna have a tough time.”

Gutierrez was taken away from the scene moments after her manager found her unconscious on the floor. Gutierrez was stabilized and taken to local hospital.

“It’s very sad to see such a beautiful woman try to kill herself because of the mistake Steve Harvey made. The whole situation must have cause so much hurt and sadness that she decided to just end her life” said Officer James Wood.

According to reports, Gutierrez’s family will file a lawsuit against host Steve Harvey and Miss Universe Organization.

Although the mother of Miss Colombia has yet to speak out on the suicide attempt, the family has released a statement, asking the public to Please keep our family in your hearts and prayers.
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