Meek Mill Launched GoFundMe To Help Him Record His Drake Diss Track

meek go fund me

Drake clapped back at Meek Mill a second time with his “Back to Back” freestyle this morning.

Meek Mill has launched a GoFundMe page to help him response to Drizzy rolling. As of now, Meek has yet to respond to Drizzy (or even Safaree for that matter), but this donation page wants to change that ASAP, Meek wants everyone to donate/fund him for the drake diss track.

Meek claims he hasn’t been able to upload diss track “that will end Drake’s life” because his “Computer has a virus” known as blue screen of death. Meek Mills producers said the dis track had so much heat it caused the computer to crash.

meek diss track

Meek is a professional rapper, which means he should have the proper capabilities to record songs whenever he pleases, but at this point, Meek might need all the help he can get. The goal for the page was set at $3000, but after 14 hours, they’ve currently raised a total of 10 bucks.


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