Man Kept Dead Mother in Freezer for Years for “SEX”

A 47-year-old man from Georgia has been arrested after allegedly keeping his own deceased mother in the freezer for years and even indulging in sexual activities with the corpse.

Owen O’Reilly, was arrested yesterday after neighbors warned authorities that the suspect was washing his naked mother with a hose in his backyard.

O’Reilly’s mother, Margaret O’Reilly, passed away in late 2015 unknowingly to neighbors who were surprised to see her bathing naked in an inflatable pool in her backyard while being hosed by her 47-year-old son.

“At first, I thought he was fondling some naked woman in the inflatable pool, but then I realized it was his dead mother,” recalls Police Officer James Durham.

Police Officer James Durham of the Dunwoody Police Department first arrived on the scene to find O’Reilly “hosing off his deceased mother” he told reporters.

O’Reilly told officers he originally kept his mother’s body to collect her welfare checks but also admitted under pressure that he occasionally indulged in sexual activities with the corpse.

O’Reilly also told police officers he rarely had sexual relationships with his mother’s corpse and only when he was “really drunk” or that his girlfriend “pissed him off,” he said.

According to Georgia State law, a person convicted of any sexual act with a dead human body involving the sex organs of the one and the mouth, anus, penis, or vagina of the other shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one nor more than ten years.

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