Man Fresh out of Coma Commits Suicide after Learning Donald Trump is President

CALIFORNIA | A 24-year-old, Mr. Jame Willaims who had recently awoken from a seven-month-long coma reportedly committed suicide yerterday after learning Donald Trump had won the presidency.

Blake was reported by doctors as healthy and had recently been freed from San Francisco’s General Hospital after six weeks of physical therapy and readaptation.

He was in a comatic state in late October of 2016 after doctors feared for his life when he suffered a strong epileptic attack caused by an ecstasy overdose during a rave party.

The strong Hillary supporter’s mom says the news of Donald Trump winning the presidential election was just “too hard to swallow”.

“We lied to him for as long as we could but when he got out of the hospital, it was impossible to hide the truth from him anymore,” she admitted.

“He was so happy when we told him that Hillary had won, I couldn’t tell him the truth, I knew he’d be crushed by the news”.

“The doctor told us he needed calm and to stay away from any kind of stress or anxiety attack, or he could go into shock and relapse,” she told reporters in tears.

Adrian Blake, 24, had met Hillary Clinton at an LGBTQ event last year.

“He became so depressed, he stopped eating. He just completely shut down.” she explained.

Blake also wrote a letter to his friends and family saying that he “could not bear the thought of living under a Trump presidency” before overdosing on antidepressants.

Recent CDC National suicide statistics numbers show an alarming 2000% increase in suicide rates for the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 in the United States since President Donald Trump’s election, the highest suicide rate ever recorded in US history since the height of the Great Depression, although experts warn many factors could explain these high numbers.

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