Kurdish Fighters Liberate 3,000 Sheep Held As Sex Slaves By ISIS

Kurdish fighters has liberated a group of farms near the city of Al-Tabni in Syria Yesterday and claims to have freed more than 3,000 sheep and 700 goats that were used as sex slaves by the terrorist organization.

The Peshmerga General Command (PGC) has announced this morning that their fighters had liberated three villages previously controlled by ISIS during a ground assault supported by U.S. air strikes.

In one of the villages, they found nearly 4000 sheep and goats were used as sex slaves. PCG Commander, Col. Hemin Hassan, described the horrible conditions in which the animals were detained and abused.

“The sheep and goats were crammed into dozens of small rooms filled with dirty mattresses. There were empty bottles of lubricant and used condoms all over the place.”

The animals will now be transported inside Kurdish controlled regions of Syria and be distributed among families of dead Peshmerga fighters.

The Peshmerga General Command held a press conference just outside the village before inviting the media to visit the alleged brothel.

This isn’t the first time that the Islamic State is linked to bestiality, but it is the first official and operational “animal brothel” linked to the organization to be liberated.

Other suspected animal brothels were found in the liberated cities of Raqqa and Palmyra, but the animals had already been taken to other cities by the Islamists.

The vast majority of these animals are sheep and goats, but some cases involving cows and chickens have also been reported.

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