Is Your Bae Is A Thot!

If you are not sure whether or not your girl is being a thot when you’re not around? Here’s a list of things you should keep in mind if you want to jump to a conclusion.

1.  She Has A Lock On Her Phone

There’s no reason why you should have a lock on your phone if you’re not hiding shit from your lover, unless of course you are preparing for the unfortunate event that your phone gets stolen; But we’ll dismiss that reason. Now, this is the obvious one, ask to look through their phone, if they deny you access, it’s safe to say it’s time to look for a new bae—a bae that isn’t shady.

bae has a lock on phone

2. She Places Her Phone Face-Down 
The obvious way of preventing your bae from seeing your phone light up and ultimately seeing who has texted you or called you. Anyways, next time she places her phone face-down, I recommend you snatch that shit and see the truth for yourself.

facedown phone

3. She Only Follows Guys On Instagram
Following someone on Instagram is a way of showing them your interested in them or their posts. If you decide to see who she’s following and it’s all GUYS, she obviously wants attention from other guys, which easily means she is not satisfied by you, WHICH, either means you’re genuinely ugly, and or have a small pen*s…

bae only follow boys

4. Her Twitter Bio Reads “You know my name, Not my story”
“Wait, what? what is she talking about?” if you asked yourself that question, I’m sorry to say but I can already tell she’s cheating fam, and I don’t even know her like you do, soooo… next.
you know my name not my story

5. Most Her Instagram & Facebook Are Bo0ty Pics
If the majority of her images show cleavage or are mirror bo0ty pics she a THOT and is only seeking for more attention, She is not bae material.

6. She Looks For Little Reasons To Get Mad At You
“Why is your shower so hard to use? you know what, don’t talk to me no more”, if your bae has ever got mad at you for this reason or any reason of equivalent stupidity, it’s time to tell bae bye.
angry girlfriend

7.  You Had A Dream Where She Was Cheating 
This is basically God’s way of telling you that she is being a thot. If you find yourself waking up from such a nightmare, it’s time to listen to God and leave bae.
Dream Where She Was Cheating

8. She Always Goes Out With Her “friends” But She Has None….
She’s getting ready and all pretty only to find out it’s not for you, it’s because she’s going out with her “girls”, and you simultaneously come to the sudden realization that she actually has no friends. So where is she going? oh nowhere, just being a THOT.

9. She Doesn’t Listen To Drake 
If she doesn’t listen to any Drake, you already know she’s not really a sentimental person. Only a cold hearted person doesn’t listen to any Drake, and a cold hearted person is more than likely to be a thot without any regrets whatsoever.

10. Lay your head on her chest and ask her if she’s cheating, and watch for her heart beat
No better way to tell if she’s cheating than to observe her heart beat, which does not lie. If her heart starts being fast as soon as you ask her, she’s a THOT; if it doesn’t, she might be just cold hearted with no remorse and still a THOT.
cheating girlfriend


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