Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction and Joins ISIS

Zayn Malik

United Kingdom – LONDON – It has been reported that Zayn Malik Decided to leave One Direction to secretly joined Islamic extremist rebel group ISIS.

When Zayn Malik Decided to leave One Direction, The Internet erupted with the question: “Why?” For Zayn Malik to leave the group of friends which made him famous, the answer is a shocking one.

Zayn Malik became muslim few weeks ago(In secret), and decided that he would join ISIS as soon as he departed from One Direction.


Reporters managed to interview, long-time friend and still member of One Direction, Harry Styles: “I am aware that Zayn joined ISIS, I do not agree with his actions but he will forever be my friend and friends with the rest of One Direction.”

Zayn Malik is believed to be currently flying to Iraq via airplane to meet with ISIS.
As of now, not much information about Zayn’s departure and his addition to ISIS is known…

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