Facebook Is Stealing Your Informaton – Proof

facebook stealing information

Proof That Facebook Is Stealing Your Info – Go To Settings – Security – Sessions.

There has been plenty of talk over the last year about the breach of privacy over the Facebook messenger and the Facebook app. Many have claimed that Facebook is stealing your personal information and giving it to Microsoft, Google and the United States Government.

Even after all these warnings, many have not believed these claims. Or maybe some have, but are too addicted to the whole Facebook in general. Now there is proof that the Facebook corporation has been logging into your account without your permission. Follow these steps within your settings and you will see when these logins occurred and what city and state:

1. Go to your Facebook account settings

2. Then go to your security settings

3. Then click on active sessions

Once you go to ‘Active Sessions’ you are going to see all the logins that are from out of town, in different states and cities. Once you see proof of that, it is going to show you the dates and times of the logins. Go to your settings and you will see for yourself.

In 2015 they are sending out a new Facebook app update that will allow them to swipe all the info from your phone without logging in. They are tapping into all of your information without your permission. Many are deleting the Facebook app after seeing the active sessions in their account. You DO NOT need the Facebook app to access Facebook. You can simply access Facebook through your google chrome browser on your phone or tablet.

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