Bruce Jenner Changes His Legal Name

bruce jenner surgery

LOS ANGELES – After getting multiple surgeries to enhance his feminine characteristics, and also being spotted holding hands with singer Ray-J, reports are saying that Bruce has changed his legal name to… CAITLYN.

Bruce, or should I say—Caitlyn, has now almost completely reached his transgender goal of becoming a female. Many curious people are asking whether or not Caitlyn’ famous daughters and step-daughters agree with his name change. Caitlyn responded with…

Of course they approve, matter of fact, Kylie, Kim, and Kanye were the one ones who chose the name for me, they said it was appropriate. Even if they didn’t approve of my transformation, I would’ve told them “f*ck you.

Well now it’s really clear as to how serious Caitlyn is about his change to a female, and how supportive his family is, as long as Caitlyn is happy.

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