Young Thug Says “Just Cuz I Sleep with Men Don’t Mean I’m Gay”


In an exclusive interview, rapper Young Thug said, “Yea I sleep with Men but that don’t mean I’m gay, cuz trannies like Caitlyn Jenner don’t count he used to be a Man”.

He doesn’t feel that him sleeping with Transexuals who were formerly men anatomically makes him a homosexual.


“Giiiiirl he need to stop if you sleep with Dudes your Gay, he is really disrespecting the LGBT by refusing to come out the closet he needs to own his Truth we all know he sweeter than a 10 pound bag of sugar – Gay fan of the Gangstalicious rapper gave his take on Thugger’s interview.

Tangy Thug was also asked why he only follows Caitlyn Jenner on Instagram and he replied:


“That’s my dream B*tch she’s sexy fierce and flawless, my song ‘Best Friend’ was all about her, we could be the next Jay-Z & Beyonce but she playing, if she sees this I want her to know she’s my cinnamon apple”

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