Women’s rights activist in Qatar sentenced to death for marrying four husbands

A Qatari women’s rights activist has been jailed and sentenced to death by stoning after she promoted equal rights for Muslim women to also have four husbands on national television.

Shamima Ali Hussein, 22, who describes herself as an Islamic feminist, went on public television this week and explained that she had married four husbands as an act of defiance against the inequality of men and women under present government laws.

Under Sharia law, for a woman to sleep with different men is a practice that is punishable by death by Islamic law, although a man is allowed to have up to four wives according to the Quran.

“Why are the men allowed to marry four wives and not the women? Where is this written in the Quran? Allah made the same rules for everyone, so where is the problem if I have four husbands?” she said on national TV.

The young 22-year-old women’s rights activist believes Muslim women should also have the right to have four husbands as Muslim men are allowed to have four wives.

“Why would only men have the pleasure of fornicating with multiple partners? If my husband does not satisfy me in bed but is a good and honest worker, why could I not keep him and find myself another one to sleep with?” she wrote on her blog before her site was shut down by Qatari authorities.

The young woman has fooled four of her lovers into marrying her in the same month, an offense punishable by death by Islamic law.

Hussein is not the first self-proclaimed Islamic feminist who has fought for the right to polyandry, the practice of a woman having multiple husbands.

In 1987, Fatima Al Hamad, an 87-year-old Saudi Islamic feminist, had sex with and married 127 men on the same day and on the first day of the Holy celebration of Ramadan to raise awareness about the inequality of men and women in the public sphere, before authorities later sentenced her to decapitation.

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