Woman With AIDS Throws Bloody Tampon At DMV Worker and Fights Cop


MIAMI, FLORIDA – A 23-year-old woman was arrested after she assaulted a DMV worker with the bloody tampon, claiming she has AIDS.

According to video and police report, Kristen Myers approached the desk at the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles frustrated that she had been waiting for over 5 hours to get a photo ID. The DMV worker told Myers there was nothing she could do about the wait time and asked her to have a seat. That’s when Myers raised her hand and threw a blood soaked tampon at the workers face. Then she whispered to the woman, “I have AIDS and now you do too! I hope your wait in the emergency room is longer than six hours!”

Myers was then approached by an officer who tried to escort her out of the building. That’s when Myers kicked the officer and a fight ensued. The officer struggled with Myers while she put up a good fight. He got her into a back office room, where she escaped and he had to tackle her down once more. Finally, the officer was able to cuff Myers and escort her to the police car outside.

Myers is being charged with assault, resisting arrest and, if she is HIV positive, she be charged with attempted murder. Myers is currently being held on a $15,000 bond.

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