A New York City resident told a judge she avoided $14,700 in speeding tickets by performing oral sex on several NYPD officers.

Eileen Lipstein, 57, told judge Andrew Stevens that she had already accounted for the 36 speeding violations by performing sexual services on several police officers.

Lipstein said in court that she had complied with at least 17 officers when they asked for oral sex instead of having to pay for the speeding tickets ranging between $60 to $600.

“I asked if I could pay with a blow job since I had no money and everytime officers chose the blow job and told me there would be no tickets to pay,” Lipstein told a surprised judge.

New York City King’s County spokesman Jeremy Johnson told the press that officers are not allowed to take payment in any form, be it in money or in sexual nature and that if this has been going on it was “a highly irregular and illegal procedure.”

“I did everything they told me to do. I pulled out my denture, used the back of my throat and didn’t even spit afterward. I swallowed it all,” Lipstein convincingly told the judge.

Lipstein claims that several officers also asked her to perform other sexual acts on them in exchange for the speeding tickets being canceled.

“One officer told me to put his police baton up his asshole while I was giving him head and another told me to rub his badge on his balls while I licked his anus” she added, to the court’s disbelief.

Judge Stevens told Lipstein that, although he could not corroborate her reports, her conduct, if it had occurred as she had portrayed, was akin to bribery and thus illegal, but was clement and sentenced her to only 200 hours of community work.

A damaging 2016 report on the abnormally high rates of sick leaves in the New York City police force estimated that over 80% of sick leaves resulted from sexually transmitted diseases.

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