Woman sues Zoo after escaped hippo tried to rape her

The North Carolina Zoo is being sued after a woman claims she was sexually assaulted by a hippopotamus that had escaped the zoo for only a few hours yesterday.

The large semiaquatic mammal apparently was able to slip out of its enclosure last night after massive flooding and a fallen tree severely damaged the security fence.

Clementine Gibbons, 64, is suing the zoo’s administration after she claims she was sexually assaulted by the huge beast after she was returning home that night.

“At first I could not believe what I saw. I was terrified,” she told reporters.

“It ran towards me, pushed me to the ground and just jumped on me, grunting,” she recalls, visibly still traumatized.

“All I remember is trying to dodge its large erect penis and giant testicles from rubbing onto my face,” she added, horrified.

Gibbins says the 2,800-pound animal finally ejaculated after she tried rubbing his penis with her feet and eventually left her alone.

Asheboro locals first tried to capture the massive 1.4-ton semiaquatic mammal before zoo staff finally intervened.

Lucky to be alive

Helena Cozumel, professor of biology at the University of North Carolina, believes Gibbins is lucky to be alive after only suffering from multiple fractured ribs and a light concussion, according to doctors.

“We are talking about a 1,4-ton mammal trying to mate with a woman who weighs approximately close to 400 pounds. She is simply lucky to be alive,” she told reporters.

“He possibly mistook her for a small female hippopotamus because it was dark and was extremely sexually aroused because of all that time spent alone in captivity,” she explains.

“If she had not had the cunningness to rub his penis with her feet and make him ejaculate on her breasts, who knows where she would be right now?” she added, visibly relieved.

No North Carolina Zoo official has yet commented upon the lawsuit but a park spokesman told reporters the “complaint is being dealt with extremely seriously” and that “security issues are a main priority” at the moment.

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