Woman Goes Blind From Chlamydia After Cheating On Husband With Pet Koala

An Australian woman has lost 80% of her eyesight after contracting chlamydia from her pet koala, reports the Murray River Chronicle.

Whiteman was transported to Wodonga Hospital after developing an irritating eye infection which caused her left eye to bleed.

Doctors found traces of chlamydia-induced trachoma, an extremely painful disease that causes eyelids to turn inward, scratching the cornea and eventually resulting in loss of sight.

The 38-year-old woman told doctors she had contracted the sexually transmitted disease while performing oral sex on her pet koala.

Annabelle Whiteman admitted the truth after her husband was found to be chlamydia-free and he accused her of cheating on her with another man.

Dr. James Quentin believes Annabelle Whiteman contracted the disease in her eyes while in contact with koala semen, which can spread chlamydia to humans.

Annabelle Whiteman reached out to local reporters after the tragic incident pushed her husband of three years to file for divorce after her sexual interactions with Disney, her pet koala, made local headlines.

“I just want him to know that he was always the only one. With Disney, it was only a fling, a one-time thing,” she admitted in tears.

Whiteman also promised to seek counseling after realizing her sexual attraction for the family pet was “deeply disturbing.”

“I know I am sick in the head. I don’t know what took me. I’ve always had a fascination for koalas since I was a little girl, they are so damn cute,” she added, hoping to reach out to her husband.

Although both her eyes have suffered irreparable damage, Whiteman hopes she can still salvage what is left of her marriage and hopes her husband can find the strength to forgive her, she told the Murray River Chronicle.


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