Woman Arrested For Killing Boyfriend Who Fake Proposed Her As An April Fools Prank

April fool

NY – A young woman is facing murder charges after she allegedly killed her boyfriend for playing an April Fools prank on her.

A 24 year old woman ‘Lisa Estevez’, is facing first degree murder charges after she shot and killed 25 year-old boyfriend Ray Jordan, in the chest.

Reportedly Lisa shot Ray after an April fools prank had gone terribly wrong. Authorities say Ray, who had been dating Lisa for 3 years, apparently got on his knees and proposed to Lisa, only to them open the engagement ring box and reveal the words “April Fools” written inside with no engagement ring to be found. Lisa then immediately reached for Jordan’s firearm, which was laying on the living room couch and shot Jordan in the chest, killing him instantly.

Authorities arrived on site, when neighbors reported the gunshots. “We arrived at the scene and saw Mr. Jordan’s dead body” says NYPD officer James Patterson, “Then I looked to his side and found Engagement ring box with “April Fools” written inside and immediately knew what had happened”. finished Officer Patterson.

According to officers, the girlfriend Lisa was found in bathroom, taking a sh*t. Lisa apparently did not hear the police enter the home as she was watching the videos on her phone with her earphones on. Lisa was arrested on site.

Lisa will appear in court on Monday and possibly face life in prison.

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