Woman Arrested For Infecting 100+ Men with HIV

infects with hiv

FLORIDA – A woman has been arrested after her shocking confession of infecting over 100 men with HIV. According to reports, the young woman went down to the police station to make a report against herself.

“I buried the good girl in me and became a Real Bad Bitch, That’s what they all wanted” When questioned by police, the woman then proclaimed “My goal was to infect as many as possible”she explained.

The police report:  When asked how many men had she infected with the virus, she said at least seventy or more. She also went on to say her eventual plan was to infect more men with the virus, but only because she didn’t have money to buy medication is the reason for her being forth coming.

When reporters spoke to Gabie, she said “The pain of knowing her fate was unbearable and she just couldn’t face the world anymore, so as her life became a mess, her only joy was to make all men who she came into contact with pay the price.”

Relatives of the young woman say they’re equally as shocked as everyone else because they had no idea what the teen known as Gabie was up to. They also said “When Gabie discovered she was infected with HIV, she then became very depressed and became a slave to alcohol and drugs wanting die and even went as far as eating poison, but that failed, witch only catapulted in further anger and rage.

According to Medical Reports, Gabie, 21, has known she was HIV positive for two years, but did not inform her partner of her status. She also claims protection was never used.

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