Woman accused of stealing a pumpkin by hiding it in her vagina

A woman was arrested this morning in Greenville, Mississippi after trying to steal a 15 lbs pumpkin from a supermarket by inserting the large squash in her vaginal cavity.

31-year-old Sonia Smith was intercepted by security guards from a Supervalu store after they saw her enter the store’s bathroom with the pumpkin and come out with it.

The security guards first thought Mr. Smith had either eaten the pumpkin or flushed it down the toilet, but they soon noticed that she was sweating heavily and looked very uncomfortable.

James Reynolds, one of the security guards who intercepted Ms. Smith says he was in disbelief when he understood where she had put it.

“My colleague suddenly went pale and started muttering something, “she can’t have… that’s impossible…” After a few seconds, I understood what he was thinking and I instantly felt very nauseous.”

The two security guards called the Greenville Police Department who rapidly proceeded to a cavity search and discovered the pumpkin.

Mr. Reynolds says the officers dispatched on the site thought they were being pranked when they first explained the situation.

“The policemen just couldn’t believe that any woman could fit an entire pumpkin down there. They only accepted to search her because she was screaming and yelling like she was giving birth.” 

The squash showed extremely difficult to extract and the 31-year-old woman had to be transported to the hospital, where it was finally removed after a delicate two-hour surgery.

Sonia Smith now faces two charges of shoplifting and disorderly conduct, but she could be judged unfit to stand trial due to her long history of psychiatric problems.

A source close to her family has confirmed that she suffers from schizophrenia and “hears voices that command her to insert various objects in her body cavities.”

The result of her psychiatric evaluation should be available in two or three weeks and the result will determine if the trial will take place or not.

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