One of NASA’s most successful manned flight’s ever achieved is under scrutiny after allegations of sexual abuse by the wife of one of its former astronauts, reports the Houston Gazette.

Widow Gertrude Irwin, 93, says her husband James Benson Irwin was sexually assaulted while he was part of the ninth manned mission in the United States’ Apollo program and the fourth to land on the Moon.

Irwin says the 50th-anniversary celebrations of the Apollo 11 landing and the MeToo movement has prompted her to come out and share the story of her husband.

“My husband never openly said who raped him on the moon, but it was a two-man mission so it wasn’t that hard to figure out,” she told reporters.

Astronaut James Benson Irwin was allegedly sexually assaulted during the Apollo 15 trip to the moon according to his wife Gertrude Irwin, 93, who suffers from Alzheimer disease and dementia, say doctors.

“I guess that two guys secluded for days in close quarters without any women around, it was an accident waiting to happen,” she admitted.

Irwin says her husband often complained about how his NASA partner would address sexual subjects and touch him in an inappropriate fashion during the 11-day-long trip.

“Once Irwin told me how David kept masturbating and droplets of semen floated all across the shuttle,” she recounted, visibly disgusted.

Their daughter, Eileen Irwin, who was also interviewed by the Houston Gazette warned reporters that her mother is currently “mentally unstable” and under “heavy medication.”

No NASA spokesman was available for comments at the time of publication.

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