Wife Beaten To Death For Burning Steak

crazy husband

ALABAMA – Joey Orlando, 44, has been arrested for the murder of his wife Jasmin Orlando, 34. Joey murdered his wife after he arrived home from work and found that she had burned his steak dinner.

She was the best cook, she always cooked the meat perfectly. She was so perfect in cooking; she could win in MasterChef. But today when I came home from work i was disappointed, when i opened the door i was annoyed by the burning meat’s smell. I went to the kitchen and found she had burned the steak. Burned that Mother FC**ING BAS**RD to a crisp. It was disgusting. I work hard for the money that purchased the meat, and I’m sorry, but it’s unforgivable – says Joey.

Police chief Carl Moore said that Joey was being arraigned later this week, and if convicted, could face life in prison.

“I wish this was still the good ol’ days, but and if your wife/girlfriend burns the meat, she deserves whatever is coming to her” Joey said.

Joey admitted his crime to the police but now he regrets admitting to the crime, he does not regret that it happened.

“She tried to apologize, ‘Hope you got strong teeth’ is what she said. ‘I’m sorry, I burned the steak!’ .

Well bitch, apparently I got a stronger backhand. We used to have no strife in our relationship – she was a lovely, lovely wife. What a shame to have it end like this.”

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