Woman Beat Her Husband With Nunchucks Cause He Wouldn’t Bed Her

Raging hormones causes people to commit some crazy crimes…

Wife Beat Her Husband With Nunchucks

Charlotte, South Carolina – A 51 year-old woman is accused of beating her husband with nunchucks because he wouldn’t have s*x with her.

Sondra Earle-Kelly, faces charges of aggravated domestic violence. Reportedly, police officers found blood all over the victim and the home.

The husband said he was watching TV in the living room when Earle-Kelly “came in and asked him to go to bed with her,” when he refused, Earle-Kelly exploded in a rage and began throwing ceramic figures at him and grabbed a pair of nunchucks and began hitting him several times in the face and head.

When police arrived, she said she did not know why the apartment was covered in blood or how her husband had suffered his injuries.

She was taken to hospital before being booked into Rock Hill City jail. She was jailed under a $15,000 bond, and had reportedly been taking Xanax that night.

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