White Spots On Your Nails…? Here is What They Indicate!

Have you ever had your fingers get hit by something and later you find these weird white spots coming out of your nail bed? That’s normal; but if you see them often or if they don’t go away like they should, you could be dealing with something very serious.

No Protein or Zinc in Your Diet

zync in nails

If there are some white streaks spread om your nails, you’re missing some zinc in your life, and if the white streaks extend horizontally up to your nail bed it means you need some protein.

Fungal Superficial Onychomycosis

finger nails

White spots on the toes means you’re plagued by a fungus, psoriasis or even eczema. Get it checked out!

Anemic? Liver Disease? Kidney Disease?

nails and disease

Any spots in your nails could be a sign of things like cirrhosis of the liver, or even hepatitis.


white nails

There are seven distinct signs of sarcoidosis, and one of those signs are those little white spots on your nails!

Problems with Your Thyroid?

white on nails

Along with little white dots in your nails, if they’re also soft you could be suffering from a condition known as “Plumber’s Nail”. This unfortunately indicates that you could have a potential problem with your thyroid

It May Just Be Allergies!

finger nails

Always check whats in the nail products you use, because you could simply be allergic to something in them.

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