WhatsApp Group Admin Quits His Job to Focus on WhatsApp Life


NEW YORK – A 24-year-old WhatsApp enthusiast today shocked everyone by quitting his job in order to focus full-time on 5 WhatsApp groups that he was admin of, as he wasn’t able to manage the task of being the admin of 15 WhatsApp groups simultaneously.

“I realized that my WhatsApp groups were suffering because of my job as my job was taking too much of my precious time daily,” Robert Todd explained while putting down his papers.

Robert Todd claimed that the position of admin of a WhatsApp group comes with lots of responsibility and that it was almost impossible to do justice to it while doing a full-time job.

“Not only you have to be alert 24/7, but also have to be aware about your group members’ birthdays, anniversaries etc. Plus you also have to be very precise and responsible while using your discretionary powers while removing or adding a contact to the group,” he said.

Robert Todd revealed how a serious lapse on his part few days ago made him certain that his job was coming between him and WhatsApp and thus needs to be done away with.

“Being a WhatsApp admin is a full-time job. And on top of that managing 15 groups is even tougher,” he added.

“If I was in HR department, I could have still gone on to manage both the things. But being a software engineer, it was getting tough writing codes as well as birthday wishes at the same time,” he argued.

However, Robert Todd has some big plans going forward.

“I want to create a world record for administrating maximum number of groups. In fact, I want to have more groups than contacts in my WhatsApp,” he said as he created his 16th group “Jobless Dudes”.

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