The American entertainment conglomerate Warner Bros. won an international auction held last night by the World Health Organization, outbidding Disney and Netflix with an amazing $12,855,000,000 for the exclusive cinematographic rights on all future movies concerning the Covid-19 pandemic.

The online auction held last night by the W.H.O. to raise funds to fight the global pandemic attracted almost all major players of the media and entertainment industries.

Several international copyrights were auctioned to raise funds for research on the Covid-19 virus, including cinematographic rights for all future movies about the pandemic.

Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. came out as the winner with an astonishing bid of $12,855 billion, outbidding several rivals like NBCUniversal, Disney, Sony Pictures and Netflix.

All in all, the auction raised $27,45 billion that will be distributed to help fight the pandemic and fund medical research.

In a brief communiqué, Warner Bros celebrated the auction’s result, announcing the company already had several projects in development for new movies about the pandemic.

“This worldwide pandemic and confinement are a unique moment in history. We know it will inspire several great movies from writers and scenarists and we’re impatient to start working on these new projects.”

The company even announced plans to start working on an animated movie project immediately despite the confinement.

“We would like to accompany the public during the confinement, so we are trying to work as fast as we can to make our content available to viewers at home as soon as possible, hopefully over the next few weeks.”

Warner Bros has been expanding its operations over the last few years to include theme parks based on their various characters. The company hopes to compete with Disney over the next decade to become the world’s largest entertainment company,

Several projects are already under evaluation both at Warner Bros itself and its subsidiaries, like DC Studios, who is considering a sequel to Wonder Woman involving the Covid-19 pandemic.

A new Batman movie, a new sequel to the Matrix series and even a new Lego involving the pandemic could begin production over the next few weeks.

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