Undertaker vs. John Cena in WWE WrestleMania 32


As Randy Orton has suffered a shoulder injury and Rollins tore his right ACL, MCL and medial meniscus, thus ruling him out for WrestleMania. Now it will be John Cena vs The Undertaker for wrestleMania 32.

The Undertaker appears to be locked in a feud with Bray Wyatt after Wyatt’s promo, in which he claimed to have absorbed the powers of both the Deadman and Kane.

The last time Cena and The Undertaker faced off in a singles match at a pay-per-view was Vengeance in 2003, so in that respect, a head-to-head clash between the two would be somewhat fresh.

Cena vs. The Undertaker will be the best option at WrestleMania so long as it’s not used as the main event, which should be reserved for the current generation of Superstars in order to showcase the future of the company.

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