UN Forces RockStar To Discontinue ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Series

UN bans GTA
The United Nations has just forced Rockstar Games to discontinue the popular game series ‘Grand Theft Auto’. The United Nations has described the video game series as “sick” and “inappropriate” even for adults, as it can “inspire people to commit the crimes in real life”. It was also said that the video game series promotes violence against police officers, drugs, and gang violence.

Although the video game series has been discontinued, all remaining games on store shelves will not be taken off, instead Rockstar is only prohibited to release another ‘Grand Theft Auto’ video game. Rockstar President Sam Houser told the media “I don’t know what to say, Grand theft auto has been around for more than a decade and they decide to ban it now, makes no sense. We had many big things in the future for Grand Theft Auto, even a sequel to San Andreas and a Chicago based game”.

The Grand Theft Auto series has been critically acclaimed and commercially successful, having sold more than 200 million units, till now. Sadly, we will not see anymore Grand Theft Auto titles in the future.

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