Trump Supporter Goes on Hunger Strike to Denounce the Vote Recount

49-year Daniel Green, a supporter of Donald Trump during the last presidential campaign, began a hunger strike this morning to denounce the vote recount that is going to take place in Wisconsin.

Beginning on Thursday, election officials in Wisconsin are moving forward with a recount of votes cast in the U.S. presidential election after Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein raised enough money to pay for the effort.

Mr Green says he is disgusted by this “antidemocratic” process, and claims he is starving himself for democracy.

“Clinton and her crooks are trying to steal the election and someone has to do something about it!” he told reporters.

He hopes that his action will help to block the recount campaigns that Jill Stein is also pressing ahead in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The vote recount in three key states is based on allegations of voter fraud and a possible hack of the electronic voting systems.

The three key states where the recounts are taking place have been decided by very narrow margins, and some experts believe that the Republican victory could be due to a hack of the voting machines.

Even though voting machines are not connected to the Internet, as some voting lists are, suspected hackers could plant bugs in the software that run voting machines

Donald Trump won those states by a collective total of approximately 104,000 votes, giving him a victory in the Electoral College over Hillary Clinton.

Should the recounts give the victory to Hillary Cinton in all three states, she could be declared president instead of Donald Trump.

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