Trans-species man wants to ban Thanksgiving Day

An Oklahoma trans-species man who identifies as a turkey is calling for politicians to ban once and for all the American holiday of Thanksgiving Day, which he describes as “an unjustified genocide” of his “fellow birdkin.”

James O’Keefe, 42, who has identified as a turkey since he is 5-years-old, plans to go on a 100-day hunger strike to raise awareness amongst the American population of the murdering of millions of turkeys on the day of Thanksgiving each year.

O’Keefe came out publicly about his trans-speciesism when he was 35 after he realized his marriage was not working and that he could no longer lie to himself about his true identity.

“Birds are nothing different from humans. Yes, they have feathers and beaks, and claws and wings, and hatch eggs but they still have feelings just like us humans,” he told reporters.

James O’Keefe, 42, who identifies himself as a turkey, wants to educate the American people about the murdering of millions of turkeys on Thanksgiving Day, which he says is a tragedy worse than the Jewish holocaust because “it happens every year.”

“We all evolved from dinosaurs, and dinosaurs are the ancestor of birds. So, in fact, we all evolved from birds.” O’Keefe explains.

O’Keefe is starting his 100-day hunger strike on Thanksgiving Day and hopes to raise awareness amongst the American population and politicians in Washington so that “the worst tragedy in the history of humanity” will stop being perpetuated every year.

“These are my people we are talking about. How would you feel if, on any given holiday, we would butcher millions of your people? Every year?” he told reporters, visibly flustered.

O’Keefe also claims over 245 million turkeys are raised in “concentration camp-like conditions” each year by American farmers.

According to statistics from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) an estimated 45 million turkeys will be killed this year as a result of high demand for the annual feast of Thanksgiving Day.

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