Tomb of “Vampire Prince” Unearthed in Romania

Romania – Archeologists believe they might have unearthed the tomb of Prince Blach the Furious, also known as Blach the Bloodthirsty, a Romanian ruler who’s controversial and short reign is still debated by historians.

Believed to be an illegitimate son of Michael the Brave, who is known to have united and ruled over Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania in the 16th century, his short and cruel rulership over a small principality of Transylvania has stemmed various myths in Romanian folklore and his life has influenced our modern concept of the vampire.

Believed to have suffered from schizophrenia and paranoia, possibly induced by a head injury at a young age and also by lead poisoning, he also suffered from a form of lycanthropy, a medical condition which gave him abnormally large teeth and especially large canines, giving him a fierce and demonic appearance.

“ Historical literature describes him as a cruel and sanguinary ruler, who indulged in gutting his people alive, especially children, and even taking part in ritual human sacrifices where he partook in eating human flesh, organs and even drinking his victim’s blood ” – Marius Belvani, archeologist.

Hundreds of scattered skeletons were also unearthed near the tomb, experts believe they might be the bodies of his victims

Although experts do not agree on why these ritual sacrifices took place, it is believed by various experts he was possibly a follower of a small sect whose leader was known as Garund, a controversial self-proclaimed mystic and subject of Zoroastrism.

Garund was a sect leader at the time which was later impaled but presumably came back to life according to his followers.

He is known for burning several Christian churches at the time, practicing animal sacrifices, even possibly human sacrifices according to some experts.

He also claimed that immortality could be attained through certain rituals, the practice of cannibalism and the drinking of human blood.

Although Blach the Furious only ruled for three years before he was confined to a cell for the rest of his life after burning sixty-three peasants alive in one night and killing three of his wives in an 18-month period, his legacy lives on as his gruesome reign has inspired many authors of science fiction and horror literature throughout history.

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